Hands 2 Feet is a fee for service private therapy clinic. Some extended health care plans cover occupational therapy and/or physiotherapy in their policies. Please check with your provider. Some families are also eligible for funding through various charitable organizations. Your therapist can assist you with the application process if appropriate. No medical referral is required to access our services.  

We provide intervention to children from infancy to adolescence with:  

  • various developmental delays, gross motor and fine motor difficulties
  • acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders
  • torticollis and other neuromuscular conditions
  • autism, sensory prodessing disorder, poor self-regulation
  • learning disabilities and ADHD
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder



  A thorough assessment can range from informal observations to a comprehensive assessment with standardized testing, depending on the needs of your child.   It can include observations and/or testing of:  

  • sensory processing and integration
  • fine motor skills, including writing skills
  • gross motor skills
  • range of motion and strength
  • gait analysis
  • Assistive Devices Program (ADP) eligibility for mobility aids
  • visual perceptual and visual motor integration skills
  • motor planning and organizational skills 
  • Self-care skills and feeding



Therapy sessions are most often weekly or biweekly individual sessions.  Therapy goals are collaborated with the parents/caregivers. Therapists use a variety of treatment techniques to help their clients achieve their goals.  Home programming suggestions are offered with each session to optimize the child’s ability to achieve their goals.  



Consultation is available to families who are unable to bring their child in for regular therapy sessions, to help them set up and monitor home programs. Therapists can also provide consultation to the child’s school/child care/camp/IBI program as necessary.     



Parents are continually provided with information about their child and their therapy needs to help them achieve their goals.  Parents are always encouraged to sit in on each therapy session to learn from their child and the therapist. Formal parent training sessions are also available.